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FAQs Answered

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Global education opens doors to a multitude of advantages, while seamlessly blending academic enrichment with personal growth. You get to immerse yourself in diverse cultures, refine your understanding of new perspectives and languages, and be exposed to a multitude of thought processes, discussions, and ideas—as a result, truly globalising your outlook. Studying abroad is not just an academic pursuit; it’s a transformative odyssey.

Is there any eligibility for studying abroad?

Absolutely yes. The eligibility criteria for studying abroad are according to the level of education you aspire to pursue. These criteria encompass diverse aspects such as academic prerequisites and proof of English language proficiency, and they can vary significantly across universities and schools. While generic requirements are often outlined on university or school websites, the nuanced details about eligibility and the specific qualities considered in a candidate are often shared by educational institutions behind the scenes with trusted partners like UniHiv.

How do I choose what and where to study?

At UniHiv, our Guidance Experts are not just advisors; they’re certified career enthusiasts ready to turn your uncertainties into exciting possibilities. We take delight in helping you carve a path that aligns with your dreams, taps into current market trends, and sets you up for a future brimming with possibilities.

Could you inform me about the cost of such an education?

Embarking on a global education journey comes with varying costs, influenced by factors such as your chosen programme’s nature, the duration of your stay, and the lifestyle you envision. It’s important to be aware that student visas necessitate a specific financial threshold. The process of sharing such information during the visa application varies from country to country.

Is there any scope for financial aid?

Yes, students seeking financial assistance receive personalized evaluations, and programs are recommended accordingly. Scholarships, bursaries, and other financial offerings are based upon the student’s profile presented to our university partners in a concise, appropriate, and standardized manner. Our financial aid requests boast an exceptionally high conversion rate because we grasp precisely what our partners seek in these applications. This tailored approach ensures not only understanding your financial needs but also increasing your chances of securing the support you require for a successful academic journey.

Am I allowed to work during the course of my education?

Typically, if you’re enrolled in a degree-level program or higher, you may have the option to engage in part-time work under an international student visa. The extent of working hours permitted would be outlined in your student visa, as the landscape for student employment varies from country to country. 

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